Kim Waldron, Self-portrait, 2017, image de production vidéo_video production still

Kim Waldron. Une autre femme_Another Woman

Book launch at Carleton University Art Gallery (1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5B6)

March 9th, 2019 at 1:30 pm

Kim Waldron. Une autre femme_Another Woman is a retrospective volume that spans fifteen years of Kim Waldron’s artistic practice. The book’s title refers to the artist’s almost constant use of the self-portrait. Here, another woman is herself. In this context, the title necessarily recalls the famous statement “I is another” Arthur Rimbaud made in his May 15, 1871 letter to Paul Demeny. This paradoxical phrase, which questions the boundaries between identity and otherness, is translated and entangled in Waldron’s work with all the challenges that the duality between reality and fiction poses in her images and stories. In her projects, she becomes this other woman, this other women is the outcome of this becoming.

The book comprises a forward by Jean-Michel Ross, a text by Kim Waldron, an essay by Marie-Ève Charron and a literary text by Jacob Wren, all of which contribute to refining and enriching the experience of Waldron’s work. The grafic design was done by the very talented Dominique Mousseau. It is the second publication by Galery Thomas Henry Ross art contemporain editions. The book will also be lauched at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on the 19th of June 2019.

The launch will take place during the Stonecroft Symposium: Working Together after a talk with the artist at 10 am.

The symposium features contributions from Re: Working Together / Re: Travailler ensemble artists Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed (Vancouver), Redmond Entwistle (London, UK), Emmanuelle Léonard (Montreal), Ahmet Öğüt (Berlin and Amsterdam), Mikhail Karikis (London, UK / Lisbon), Kim Waldron (Montreal) and Émilie Monnet (Montreal), as well as Mélanie Bouteloup (Paris), Mirna Boyadjian (Montreal), Pierre Antoine Lafon Simard (Ottawa), Geneviève Cloutier (Wakefield), Mique Michelle (Ottawa), Catherine Nadon (Gatineau) and Laura Taler (Ottawa).