La Nouvelle Biennale

From April 23rd to June 4th 2016
Opening on April 23rd at 3pm

For its first edition, La Nouvelle Biennale is co-produced by Galerie Thomas Henry Ross art contemporain and Galerie Margot Eleanor Ross art actuel. The galleries will present artworks of twenty-one high-calibre artists. Unlike other biennials that operate on a more traditional model supported by the state, La Nouvelle Biennale is funded entirely by private interests, which is a considerable difference for this type of structure. Despite reduced funding, this way of working allows great flexibility in regard to where and when the biennial will eventually happen. The fact that its production schedule and funding are not linked to any external body is an invaluable advantage when reflecting on a constantly changing world. The first phase of La Nouvelle Biennale is held in Montreal, with national and international artists. It is hoped that subsequent editions can be co-produced with partners from outside of our national or cultural boundaries to allow an adoption of multiple perspectives on contemporary and artistic realities, transcending a unidirectional view of art.

Another unusual aspect of Nouvelle Biennale is the ability to acquire the works presented there, allowing on one hand to help fund subsequent editions of the event, and on the other to encourage artists, which remain the rationale for the project, present and future.

Thematically, the exhibition project of La Nouvelle Biennale focuses on the Zeitgeist­ (spirit of the time), a theme underlying the biennial since the appearance of this type of event in Venice in 1895. This is not meant to criticize the more traditional models of biennial but rather introduce a different approach, with a multitude of perspectives and resources. Historically, biennials were modeled on the formula of universal exhibitions that marked the 19th and 20th century. We cannot think about what may be a new biennial model without considering the postcolonial concerns arising from them, since they are at the heart of its development for nearly a hundred and ­­twenty years. Nouvelle Biennale initiates a reflection about these imperfect models with a proposal that is also imperfect, but indispensable and vital to understanding contemporary cultural reality as it is presented to us today.

For this first edition of La Nouvelle Biennale, the invited artists are: Vikky Alexander, Itziar Barrio, Catherine Bodmer, Catherine Bolduc, Sebastien Cliche, Sylvie Cotton, Michel de Broin, Julien Discrit, Steve Giasson, Eleanor King , Chris Kline, Dejode & Lacombe, Manuela Lalic, Daniel Olson, James Patterson, Marc- Antoine K. Phaneuf, Felicity Tayler, Lucille Uhlrich, Jonathan Villeneuve, Kim Waldron and Pavitra Wickramasinghe .

The event’s curator is also founder and director Jean-Michel Ross.



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